Meet Our Church Family

We are a friendly group. Our humble members and leaders have been helpful in their church and communities for many years.


The Pastor, Exhorter, Stewards, Stewardess, Trustees, Deaconess, Class Leaders and Sunday School Teachers provide Good Stone AME. Zion with the inspiration and direction to keep it going and growing

Mr. Jimmie King & Seg. "Buddy" King



Bio: (Pic:Left to right) Father and son, Jimmie and "Buddy" King, are both life long members of Good Stone. Bro. Jimmie holds a position of Trustee and his son, Captain "Buddy" is now station at Fort Lewis in Washington. Buddy has served our country for 11 years. He attends service whenever he's home and he is still very much a part of our Church family.  

Mrs. Rose McKinze, Mrs. Sara Gully & Local Pastor, Mrs. Jimmie Johnson


Bio: (Pic: left to right) Sis.. Rose McKenzie is a dedicated musician and President of the Home Mission. Sis. Rose is truly an inspiration to us all.



Sis. Sarah Gully services as Deaconess and is also an Honorary Choir Member. Sis Sarah has served at Good Stone for over 60 years.


Local Pastor, Sis. Jimmie Johnson is loyal and dedicated, she is a leader who does her best to assist the Pastor and members whenever needed.

Jennifer Young, Kimberly Freeman, Josh Jones, Shana Ervin Jones



Bio: (Pic: left to right) Jennifer, Kim, Josh and Shana are sisters and brother in Christ and they are also biological sisters and brother.


They grow up in this church. Their parents and Grandparents were some of the founders of our church. These sisters and brother represents Good Stones youth and the members of Good Stone are truly proud of them.


Jennifer Young and Kimberly servers in Christian Education positions, Shana Ervin Jones holds a position as a Stewardess and Josh serves in any position asked.