Our History


     In 1889, a band of dedicated believers built the first log church, (Mt. Stoney AME Zion), in Leroy, Alabama on a tract of land farther back in the same field where it is presently located.  The land was later purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Dabley Palmer, on August 6, 1900.  The trustees at that time were Bro. Henry Jordan, Bro. Henry Baker, Bro. Matt Kemp, Bro. Bill Reed and Bro. Mose Coleman.

     The church remained in that location until 1938, when it was rebuilt on its present site.  The trustees were Bro. J. Morris, Bro. Frank Moore, Bro. J. M. McConico, Bro. J. Davis, Bro. H. Howell, Bro. Dave King, Bro. R. Moore, Bro. Willie King (Secretary), Bro. P. Pruitt ( Treasurer ), Rev. Bleaven was the Pastor.

      After 21 years, the old lumber church was torn down and a block church was built on the same site by Bro. Elliott Chaney and Bro. James Johnson.  On October 18, 1959, the Pastor, Officers, Members and Friends marched into the new church.  The trustees were Bro. Dave King, Bro. Herbert Moore, Bro. Charlie Johnson, Bro. A. W. Baker, Bro. Ben Tarleton, Bro. Willie King- Chairman.  Rev. W. C. McCollum was the Pastor, Rev. T. C. Gill, Presiding Elder and Rev. H. B. Shaw, Bishop.

      Rev. Richard Riley was assigned to Mt. Stoney Around 1961. Seeing the need for a Dining Hall, the Pastor and Members worked toward that goal.  The Fellowship Hall was built by Rev. Riley and Bro. Earl Tiggs.

     In 1977, the Fellowship Hall was renovated and changed into a Pastor`s Study, Office, and Bathrooms.  A new Fellowship Hall was built by Bro. James C. Johnson.

     In 1983, Additional Bathrooms were added to the front of the church. Sis. Juanita Johnson, Sis. Micki Savage, Sis Janie King Simon and others were very instrumental in the completion and decorating of this project.

     In the mid 80's the old wooden pews and pulpit furniture was replaced with the cushion pews and pulpit furniture we enjoy today.  Central air conditioning was installed and a new Piano was also added to the choir. Sis. Annie King, Sis. Liza Richardson and other worked hard on these projects.

     In 2001, the Fellowship Hall was remodeled, new floor tile, a refrigerator and kitchen cabinets were added. Bro. Darnell Johnson, Rev. Juanita Johnson, Bro. Derrick Johnson and others worked on this project. The ceiling fans were donated by Sis. Mildred Johnson.

     In 2002, the Church Foyer and Pastors Study were remodeled by Bro. Jimmy Simon and Bro. Sidney Davis. Decorations were done by Sis. Barbara Ervin, Sis. Elizabeth King and Sis, Annie King.   On March 28, 2002 new windows were installed in the sanctuary.

    In May, 2003 a long time dream of the late Rev. Richard Riley became a reality, with the help and support of Rev. and Mrs. Parker and the Members of Mt. Stoney, We were able to brick the church. That same year the church was also blessed with a newsletter ans website, edited and published by Virginia "Micki" Savage.

     In March, 2004 a new roof was put on the church.

     On Jan. 12, 2005 the members of Good Hope AME Zion Church and Mt. Stoney AME Zion Church united the two memberships and formed one church. Good Hope was closed and Mt. Stoney was renamed "Good Stone AME Zion Church". These two churches united and formed a solid rock, a Stone, a "Good Stone".

     After the two churches united, On Dec. 3, 2006 Good Stone established a small Library for the children and adults. Books and bookshelves were donated by Kathy Etheredge and Micki Savage.

        The year 2012 started with God's blessings for our members and more improvements for our church. Our members are growing stronger in the Lord and our church is growing also. A new ceiling and new lighting added a new look in the sanctuary and foyer. The outside also got a new look; shrubbery was added to the front entrance.

     "We, the Members of Good Stone AME Zion Church have worked hard to improve our church. We now worship in modern day comfort, but our greatest achievement is the fact that we are still keep God first and serving God  in the same spirit as our fore parents."




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